Free Private Consultation for Foreign Residents

What you can consult

Procedures for status of residence, naturalization, marriage, divorce, adoption, company formation, etc.

About our consultants

Our consultants are “Gyoseishoshi” (Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist).

Gyoseishoshi is a professional who, at requests from individuals and corporations, prepare official documents related to permits and licenses, such as for the formation of a company or the opening of a store, and file applications with public offices on behalf of the client. The work of “Gyoseishoshi” is closely related to our daily lives that they are sometimes referred to as “the lawyers in town”.

Languages available


*If you do not speak Japanese, please come with someone who can interpret.

How to consult

① In person at the Otsu International Goodwill Association (International Exchange Salon)

②Face-to-face via Zoom

※Provide us with your email address so that we can send you the URL for the Zoom meeting via email.
※Review the Zoom Terms of Use and agree to them before using Zoom. Be ready to use Zoom by yourself by the day of the consultation.
※Be sure to turn on the video (camera) during your consultation. If you turn it off, you will not be able to consult.
※Please connect to Zoom in a secure location where you can protect your privacy and personal safety, such as at home or in your own room.
※You are strictly prohibited from making video or audio recordings of the consultation, or publishing them on social networking sites or other media.
※Do not share your Zoom meeting entry URL, meeting ID, or password with any third party.
※Otsu International Goodwill Association is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of the use of Zoom.

Open days

2nd Wednesday of the month (1st Wednesday in August only)
① 5:30pm~
② 6:15pm~
③ 7:00pm~

Consultation time

30 minutes


International Exchange Salon in Otsu International Goodwill Association (2F Asuto Hamaotsu, 4-1-1 Hamaotsu, Otsu City)
2 minutes walk from Biwako Hamaotsu Station of Keihan Railway


Free of charge
*Fees for Internet connection are at your own costs. When using a smartphone or tablet for consultation, Wi-Fi connection is recommended.


Please make an appointment by 1:00p.m. on the day before the consultation date. After receiving your application, we will contact you by e-mail or phone.

①Application form (Japanese or English)

Application form (Japanese)
Application form (English)

②Phone (Japanese or English)

077-525-4711 (Tuesday-Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm)


①If the consultation time exceeds 30 minutes, please make another reservation for the following month or later.
②Depending on the content of the consultation, we may not be able to provide assistance.
③Additional fees are required when you request a qualified professional to perform legal procedures. It is out of the coverage of this free consultation.
④There is no discount on parking fees.